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IT GOES SOMETHING LIKE THIS: The Toadies were no more and Vaden Lewis wasn't sure if he wanted to stay in the biz. Likewise Taz Bentley, former Rev.Horton Heat drummer, was playing on projects and tours with former Guns and Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin but "settling down" was on his mind too.

The two long-time friends got together and jammed a few times and exchanged ideas about music in general... where they'd been and where they were going and realized, philosophically, they were in the same place at the same time. Taking advantage of the irony they recorded 4 of which was Beautiful Night. Friends, family and virtually everybody that heard the EP encouraged the two to keep going...keep writing and recording...see where it goes.

Here we are, three EPs and a brand new nationally released CD Buried in Your Black Heart. BB is a kickass band with the support of some of the best in the industry and an incredibly loyal bunch of fans (LAMFers they are called) to celebrate their success. From this day forward the rest of the world will be hearing what fans around Texas have been enjoying for some time.

The three EPs employ a variety of musicians. Most notably are Josh Daugherty and Mike Rudnicki. Others of particular note are Mark Hughs and Zach Blair. Also appearing are Ben Burt, Ean Parsons and Kirtland James.

Burden Brothers